Pictures come before words.

One third to one half of the brain is devoted to vision. The PowerPoint presentation with bullet points
alone is actually distracting your audience from what you are saying. Images always trump words as they
are quicker to process and the brain is always working toward efficiency. Rich imagery efficiently “feeds”
the brain information in a manner that is easy to digest, and in ways not possible with words alone.
Creating a visual dialogue with your audience increases retention up to 85% — for visual learners
retention is even higher. 


How Does the Brain See?
The brain isn't like a video camera passively
capturing everything it sees. Visual data is
absorbed, converted to signals, and then
processed in the cerebral cortex where
it is mapped out as a representation of
the original. Why do memories seem
so complete? We supplement missing
information with what we already know.
So what does the brain remember?
It remembers to what it was paying
attention. Since you are not able to
control the audience’s attention, the key is
to control what visual information you make
available at any given moment — minimizing
distraction from the spoken word while
bolstering rentention and recall.


Can’t I Just Do it Myself?
Over the last 20 years I’ve heard many lawyers say, “I don’t need pretty pictures” or “I can do it myself.”
And I say yes to both. Our role is not to make something ‘pretty’ as it has no informative value and
needlessly adds to your audience’s cognitive load. Yes you can create your own presentations!
Technically savvy clients have sent us already crafted presentations to review and adjust prior
to trial to ensure audience engagement.     

Why Hire Us?
We take a brain friendly, strategic approach to your matter: learning the facts, reviewing key documents, identifying key themes and developing communication recommendations with the brain in mind.
The result: an engaged audience with directed focus on the points that matter most to your case.

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Anne - I wanted to thank you for all of your help today [on closing]. Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to do any of that today. So thank you!
— AAL, Lawyer, Chicago IL
Creatives, presenters, and anyone in need of a mental boost can learn a great deal from Anne.
— AL, Presentation Specialist | Designer, Chicago IL

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At Long Last, I am delighted to enclose a memento from the recent — trial. All of your time, effort and cooperation were critical to achieving this result. On behalf of myself and everyone else at Kirkland, thank you.
— TOK, P.C., Chicago IL
…Received ruling this morning, awarding [us] just over $3.9 million. Thank you again for all your help leading up to and during the hearing.
— JAM, Lawyer, Chicago IL