Our Mission

We are committed to providing a safe and confidential environment conducive to new insight, and the space for you to think deeply about topics that matter most to YOU, in a way most appropriate for you and your brain; thus, creating for yourself new ways to solve problems, develop a deeper self-awareness, produce greater results, and more readily reach your goals.


Our Services

With a scientific emphasis on the brain, mind, and adaptability we focus on insight, empowerment, and performance in individuals, families, organizations, and communities. We deliver engaging and enriching experiences for you to leverage your brain at its best!


Brain-Based Coaching
Learn to harness the power of reflection, creating insight and an approach to change that centers on your overall growth and wellbeing:

Enhance your thinking.

Improve communication and relationships.

Drive your performance.

Maintain a healthy mind-body connection.
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is an evidence-based, brain wellness program designed to use music-making and musical elements such as rhythm and melody to:

Reduce stress and depression.

Strengthen the immune system.

Improve motor coordination.

Enhance communication, and bonding all while having fun. 
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Ignite Your Mind(TM)
is a brain wellness art-making program that encourages the development and healing of physical coordination, personal expression and mental outlook to:

Reduce stress.

Promote self-reflection and build new neural connections.

Increase self-esteem, while positively altering behavior and thinking patterns.
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Visually Speaking
We take a brain friendly, visually, strategic approach to your matter by learning the facts, reviewing key documents, identifying key themes and developing communication recommendations with the brain in mind to:

Translate complex information or data into easily absorbed bits. 

Create a visual dialogue with your audience bolstering connection, retention and recall.

Direct attention and focus to the points that matter most to your case.
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