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We are proud of our reputation and track record of achieving results for our clients
through our interactive and brain-friendly approach.

I highly recommend Neurofocused to anyone who has professional development needs that are centered around communication challenges, working with difficult people, and/or career planning. I originally connected with the company because I was having difficulty effectively communicating with a particular colleague. Through the coaching sessions, I quickly learned how to communicate with the colleague I was struggling with in a way that now allows me to get the outcome that I want 100% of the time. I also learned how to communicate better with my colleagues in general. Anne Smith, who I worked with, also took the time to find out what my professional interests were and she helped me structure the career planning I was doing in a way that was more actionable. A positive and unexpected externality that came out of this experience was that the things that I learned to have a better experience on the job also translated to my personal life and relationships—I also learned a lot about myself. I have nothing but good things to say about the experience and feel very grateful to have worked with Neurofocused at this point in my career.
— AMB, Senior Education Associate, Chicago IL
Anne… We had a session yesterday where Angela spoke highly about her work with you and how you’ve helped her reach both professional and personal goals. She brought a renewed energy to the group. Thank you for your work!
— MBJ, Director of Programs CFW, Chicago IL
What drew me to work with Anne was learning how to manage my brain. I was experiencing severe panic attacks…three months later I had coping strategies and I could handle my anxiety. With meditation, breathing techniques and what I got out of doing the homework exercises, I could deal with my panic attacks and anxiety. I can’t stress enough how this changed my life. I felt like a new me. I also gained a new understanding of my family and learned to appreciate my gifts and myself. Thank you!
— AT, Chicago IL
Communicating powerfully and at a deeper level with family and friends. At work I take time to really listen from the other person’s perspective. Doing that I have more empathy for the population of people I represent and by flipping my thinking I can listen better to their grievances to really represent them. My boss is recognizing the difference in my leadership style and promoting me sooner than expected. I’m able to relieve my own stress by meditating for 10 minutes after work and that way I can leave work at work before getting home so my family is also seeing a softer side of me — allowing us to be closer.
— SMH, Union Representative, IN

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I just want to thank you, Anne and Rachel, for a phenomenal job. I am still integrating the invaluable knowledge I have learned over the past two weeks. I feel more empowered, and I have had an “Aha” moment about a work related perception that has been transformed due to reframing. Thank you.
— VH, Director of Compliance and Community Development, Chicago IL
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what we are learning is helpful in our whole life
— participant feedback