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Regulating the brain with rhythm

The human brain is a wondrous marriage of electricity and chemistry with a natural rhythm all its own. Due to the robust effects on various regions of the brain, music-making provides our brains with a restorative power. Patterned, repetitive, sensory input at the correct tempo, can assist in realigning brain stem activity to reduce arousal and improve emotional stability. 

Rhythm-to-Rewire(TM) is an evidence-based, music-making, brain wellness program and a great whole brain workout! Music-making engages many cognitive systems like: verbal-language skills, motor control, attention-memory skills, decision-making, pattern perception, self-reflection and empathy.

The social, expressive and meditative nature of our program also helps to normalize heart rate, blood pressure, and reduce levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. 


Build-A-Beat Program

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who benefits from these programs?

Anyone with a brain!  Whether you wish to reduce stress, realign dysregulation or simply increase bonding a