Anne Smith founder

I am a Certified Professional Coach who specializes in a brain-based approach to facilitating communication and positive change in individuals, within organizations and
communities through a process of integration: helping people to create new ways of thinking, being and connecting. I do this work because I believe people can re-train their own brains to process and develop in new ways, while making lasting, positive, and often profound changes in their lives and communities.

I am deeply committed to my clients and strongly believe that each of us brings to the world a unique set of gifts, yearning to understand our own purpose in life. With this
in mind, I provide a confidential, supportive, safe-space promoting self-reflection and insight. Growth and change
occur as people work toward their self-identified goals.


My Background

I have spent the last 20 years consulting and coaching
mainly in the litigation arena, working concurrently as
brain-based coach since 2009. After going back to school
to study coaching at NYU, I discovered a deep interest in
social and affective neuroscience. I received my training
as a coach from New York University and advanced that
training via a highly neurofocused approach to coaching
with the Neuroleadership Group and Neuroleadership
Institute. I received additional coach training in
Neurolinguistic Programming and Mindfulness-Based
Stress Reduction (MBSR) through the Certified Coaches
Federation and the UMASS Center for Mindfulness in
Medicine, Health Care, and Society, respectively. An
active Medical Advocate with the YWCA, I provide
trauma counseling to survivors of sexual assault
and am a Mandated Reporter through IL DCFS.