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I help people and organizations tap into their innate ability to transform, discovering the best within themselves, through deeper understanding of behaviors, choices, growing emotional intelligence, and building resilience to adapt in an ever changing world.


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Explore the science and discover ways to maximize the potential of your amazing brain 



Discover ways to reduce stress, build confidence, and improve communication  



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Your Brain Can Rewire Itself

Your brain remains adaptable throughout your lifetime, and its natural ability to reorganize itself is your key to creating lasting change. This is done by forming new pathways in your brain thru learning, thinking, and having new experiences.


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The speed at which we live in modern society can pose new, unique and sometimes disruptive challenges. We are easily distracted, stressed, overwhelmed, lonely or lacking the mental/emotional flexibility needed to skillfully navigate modern demands. Strong coping skills can help you to create your own happiness, have peace of mind, and achieve overall mind-body wellness.

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What You Do Today Creates Your Tomorrow


Some of the companies listed below hired NeuroFocused directly for corporate training, executive coaching, or in a communications consulting capacity, while others signify companies on whose behalf I worked, hired through corporate.


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