I believe that each of us offers a unique set of gifts to the world, while desiring to understand our own purpose. Profoundly committed to my clients, I provide a confidential, supportive, safe-space promoting self-reflection and insight, empowering people to make positive changes that are not temporary, but long lasting.

I have been coaching and consulting for 24 years, mainly in the legal arena. Much of that time has been spent working in and for corporations, including as Vice President of Communications for a forensics and engineering firm.

In 2009 after returning to school to study coaching at NYU, I discovered a deep interest in social and affective neuroscience. I received my training as a coach from New York University and advanced that training via a highly neurofocused approach to behavioral change through The Neuroleadership Institute and Middlesex University (UK).

I received additional coach training in Neurolinguistic Programming and MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) through The Certified Coaches Federation and UMASS Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society, respectively. As a Medical Advocate through the YWCA, I have also provided trauma support for survivors of sexual assault and am a mandated reporter through IL DCFS. In 2017, I re-certified as a HealthRhythms Empowerment Drumming facilitator.

FAVORITE QUOTE: "[Anyone] could, if so inclined, be the sculptor of [their] own brain." –  Santiago Ramón y Cajal



Assistant Facilitator BRAINBEATS/ARTSPARKS

As Assistant Facilitator, Ms. Mucha’s role is to support event relationship efforts and the delivery of our BrainBeats and ArtSparks empowerment arts programs. Her efficient approach to delivery keeps the trains running on time - for which we are ever so grateful! 

Beatrice begins her studies in Library Sciences this fall. In an age of information overload, we expect her expanded knowledge and new skill set will only add to her valuable input enhancing the creative effectiveness of our programs. 

FAVORITE QUOTE: "There is no friend as loyal as a book." – Ernest Hemingway




Focused on solutions to go the extra mile, Mr. Meroni is our seasoned Audio Visual Technician providing A/V and IT support for our professional events in myriad venues. His ability to communicate with anyone anywhere affords us the ability to seamlessly coordinate and connect no matter the venue, providing participants with the best possible experience. 

David regularly hits the gym to train in his free time, and often provides mentoring for those looking to better their workouts and increase stamina. His positive outlook and dedication to support, provides a productive perspective in stressful situations.

MANTRA: "Love as much as you breathe and as long as you live."



project manager, Assistant Facilitator NEUROFOCUSED

In roles as Project Manager and Assistant Facilitator, Ms. King is organized, versatile and an experienced leader whether working with vendors, freelancers, attorneys in trial or co-facilitating corporate training programs. No matter the project, Rachel can always be counted on to give it her all.

During her "down time" you might find her running a marathon, attending a concert, or cheering on the Cubs. She has a zest for life and a knack for connecting with people, as a result clients, freelancers, and vendors alike love working with her.

 MANTRA: "The best is yet to come."





ROBERT CAVALIERE CERTIFIED Nutritional Therapy Consultant

As a Certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant, Robert provides general education about the healing benefits of eating a nutrient dense diet to help the body thrive.

"I focus on the five foundations of health: Digestion, Liver/Gallbladder Function, Essential Fatty Acids, Sugar Handling, Mineral Balance, and Hydration."