Six Steps Toward Better Sleep and Why It Matters

Before we can make changes or even be productive we need a healthy foundation and that starts with sleep. Sleep is often overlooked in our fast-paced lives, yet it is a cornerstone of good health. 

Contrary to what people might think, sleep is not a time of rest and inaction. During sleep the brains is in an active period consolidating memories, enabling neuroplasticity to take place as well as draining toxins from the brain.

Lack of sleep negatively impacts thinking, mood, memory, and learning; it can even lead to chronic diseases such as heart disease and dementia.

Taking a 20-minute power nap helps one to improve memory, learning, rouse creativity and regulate emotions. 

Six steps toward better sleep:

  • Reduce artificial light at night, including those of digital devices
  • Increase exposure to natural light during the day
  • Reduce the temperature for better quality sleep (not freezing, but comfortably cool) 
  • Get enough movement during the day
  • Prepare for bed by turning off the tv, logging off social media
  • Clear your mind, whether that be through journaling, meditation, or deep breathing

    For further reading check out The Complete Guide to a Good Night's Sleep.

    For tools to use check out The Sleep Genius App
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