Three Possible Benefits of Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is an essential nutrient that has a variety of possible benefits. When taken as a supplement, this nutrient can improve health and well-being and reduce the risk of illness. This brief article highlights some interesting findings.


Vitamin D3 for Depression

Vitamin D3 can provide relief from depression.  A 2014 review in Psychosomatic Medicine analyzed the results of seven different studies concerned with the relationship between vitamin D supplementation and depression. The results of the review showed that supplementing with vitamin D led to a significant improvement in symptoms among individuals with clinical levels of depression. 


Improvement of Fatigue with Vitamin D3

 People who have low blood levels of vitamin D can experience an improvement in fatigue with a supplement. A 2016 study in Medicine found that a vitamin D3 supplement was more effective than a placebo in treating fatigue. After four weeks of taking a daily vitamin D3 supplement, individuals who initially were deficient in vitamin D scored significantly lower on a fatigue scale. 


Decreased Likelihood of Respiratory Illnesses 

Taking a vitamin D3 supplement can prevent a person from catching a cold. A 2017 review in the journal BMJ assessed the results of 25 different studies that analyzed the relationship between vitamin D and respiratory infections. Results indicated that supplementing with vitamin D significantly lowers the risk of contracting a respiratory infection, and individuals with lower levels of vitamin D experience the most benefit from vitamin D supplementation. 



You should not take vitamin D3 if you experience:

  • Hypervitaminosis D- high levels of vitamin D in your body;

  • Hypercalcemia- high levels of calcium in your body;

  • Nutrient Malabsorption- difficulty in absorbing nutrients from food.

The best place to begin before taking any supplements is with your primary care provider. Discuss the pros and cons in conjunction with your current treatment plan.


Image: pixabay/silviarita


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