A Brain-friendly Approach to Change

what is brain-based coaching and how does it work?

With a brain-based approach to goal setting and growth, contemporary neuroscience and the latest research into how the brain works is used to facilitate positive change by helping you to re-wire your brain, in other words, you learn how to create new ways of thinking, problem solving and communicating.

As your coach, I create a reflective safe space in which you begin to see yourself more clearly. This is done by listening, asking questions, reflecting back, challenging and acknowledging you. This approach to coaching helps you build a psychological skill set in sustaining lasting change through insight, mindful action, maintaining a growth-mindset, and building resilience.

Coaching you with the brain in mind deepens your adaptability by helping you to facilitate changes in your thinking (beliefs, attitudes, and worldview);  emotions (awareness of the present moment and adaptability); and eventually behavior (new ways of being, and new habits).

People hire me to help them enhance their professional performance, increase wellness, disappear stress, improve communication, and become more adaptable in the face of constant change. The reported surprise added benefit for clients is experiencing an overall deeper sense of self-awareness and connection to the world around them. While reaching their goals, they are also creating a life they love.

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"Problems Cannot Be Solved By The Same Thinking That Created Them."

~ Albert Einstein